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100 Great Paintings - Nationalmuseum Sweden

From Nationalmuseum’s own collection of paintings

This summer’s exhibition (28.05.2015 - 06.09.2015) will be a chance to revisit old favourites from Nationalmuseum’s collection and to discover new ones. 100 of the museum’s most beloved and famous paintings will be on show, with the emphasis on works from the late 19th century.
The 100 Great Paintings exhibition will feature some of Nationalmuseum’s best-known and most popular works. For a limited time this summer, visitors will have the opportunity to see once again some much loved favourites from the collection while the museum building is closed for renovation.
Bruno Liljefors’ hunting cat, Rembrandt’s kitchen maid and Hanna Pauli’s summer breakfast are just some of the images that many visitors relate to and remember with affection. As well as an occasion for fond reunions, the exhibition will be a chance for new visitors to discover such works for the first time.
All 100 works will be drawn from Nationalmuseum’s own collection of paintings. The exhibition will include portraits, landscapes, still lifes and history paintings spanning a period of more than 500 years, but with the emphasis on the late 19th century.
The featured paintings are pieces of history created in a bygone age that continue to speak to us today. Discussions of artworks are always fascinating, and for the duration of this exhibition Nationalmuseum will be exploring ways to extend the reach of the paintings by writing and talking about them in social media and other venues. What happens when present-day audiences are faced with images from the past? (Text: Nationalmuseum Sweden)