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Carracci, Agostino - National Gallery Prague

Agostino Carracci: The art of graphic

Agostino Carracci, a painter, graphic artist and teacher from Bologna, was a major artistic figure of his time. It is hard to imagine 17th-century painting in Rome or modern education of future artists without his contribution. His extensive painting activity was accompanied by a large body of graphic art, which enjoyed great attention of art lovers for its artistic quality.

Caracci’s oldest prints date from the 1570s. The year 1582, during which he became very familiar with the painting of 16th-century Venetian masters in Venice, was key to his artistic development. His graphic work reached its height of maturity in engravings done after paintings by Paolo Veronese and Jacopo Tintoretto. No less important was his trip to Venice in 1588, which produced the engravings that are considered to be his best graphic work.

The Graphic Cabinet in the Schwarzenberg Palace presents (20.04.2015 - 26.07.2015) a cross section of 

graphic work. His artworks dating from his earliest period as well as the late 1580s are on display. (Text: National Gallery Prague)