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Ushakov, Simon - State Tretyakov Gallery Moskow

Simon Ushakov

is the most important artist in the history of Russian art of the XVII century. His name is associated with the birth of an iconographic style, which reflected the innovative nature of the era – on the eve of the Petrine reforms.

>> Simon Ushakov 1626 Moskau † 1686 Moskau

is known not only as a painter and a reformer, but also as a theoretician who introduced new innovations in art. This is the first time that an entire exhibition has been devoted to the work of Simon Ushakov.
The exhibition (09.09.2015 - 29.11.2015) helps us to explore the multi-faceted personality of the artist in the cultural and historical context of the era, and shows the novelty and peculiarities he developed in his ‘more lifelike’ style of iconography and to demonstrate the impact that the artist had on the later development of Russian art.
The exhibition will feature works from the Tretyakov Gallery, the Russian Museum, the Hermitage, the State Historical Museum, Moscow Kremlin Museums and other public and private collections. (Text: State Tretyakov Gallery)