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Delacroix, Eugène - Louvre Paris

Eugène Delacroix as a Model

Eugène Delacroix did not found a studio as such, yet he was considered a model by many artists, from the future young Impressionists to Picasso and Matisse. His talent, his commitment to his own ideal, the originality of his subjects and his treatment of them, as well as his imaginative input all won the fervent admiration of artists, painters, printmakers, and photographers alike, and still do today. The museum’s collection includes works for which 

both the artist and the man, served as a model.
This exceptional exhibition (- 01.08.2016), presented in the painter’s private studio, is an opportunity to show some recent acquisitions for the first time, including the magnificent interpretation of Women of Algiers in their Apartment by Henri Fantin-Latour (1836–1904), acquired in 2015 thanks to a generous donation from the Société des Amis d’Eugène Delacroix. (Text: Louvre Paris)