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Zhiguand, Yang - National Art Museum of China

Yang Zhiguang’s Works

Yang Zhiguang is a key representative of wash character painting of New China and one of the teaching system establishers of modern figure painting. In 1997,

donated his 180 pieces of works created from 1950s to1990s to National Art Museum of China.
On May 14, 2016, Mr. Yang Zhiguang went forever in Guangzhou. To commemorate him, National Art Museum of China will select Yang Zhiguang’s representative works from its collection and hold Light of Eternity-NAMOC Collected Yang Zhiguang’s Works Exhibition (11.06.2016 - 05.07.2016). The works on show reflect Yang Zhongguang’s combination of Chinese and Western painting techniques, and breakthrough and innovation in subject selection. The contents of works cover figures of all orders of society, minority figures, dancing as well as portraits of foreign land, embodying the changes of time depicted by Yang Zhingguang during his lifetime. (Text: National Art Museum of Chinas)