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Gupta, Subodh - National GAllery of Victoria

Subodh Gupta: Every Day Devine
The NGV presents Subodh Gupta: Everyday Divine, a solo exhibition of one of India’s pre-eminent contemporary artists (13.05.2016 - 23.10.2016).

in collaboration with New York-based art collector Larry Warsh. Gupta was born in 1964 in the Indian province of Bihar, which has remained the poorest and least developed area of India since independence.
Celebrating the vestiges of everyday life for many Indians and elevating the objects found in domestic and street life to a position of spiritual worship is at the heart of Gupta’s practice.
The exhibition includes key works from his oeuvre including Cow 2003, a bronze and aluminium sculpture of a life-size bicycle and milk pails, which represents the travels and travails of everyday village life.
Subodh Gupta grew up a Hindu – a religion that considers everything around us imbued with the divine. Through his artwork visitors have the opportunity to appreciate, relish and celebrate the truly humble and reflect on our place in the world. (Text: National Gallery of Victoria)