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Naranjo, Eduardo - National Museum of China

Eduardo Naranjo’s Works Exhibition
Eduardo Naranjo is the Spanish surrealistic painter today. The painting style of 

is generally divided into two phases: In the 1970s and the 1980s, the illusion realism with strong surreal style is the main technique of expression in his works; while from the 1990s till now, his painting style gradually tends to be recessive surrealism, his works become pure and transparent, and contain the strong symbolic meaning in “truth”. Naranjo has made very great achievements in the fields of oil painting, sketch, print painting and etc. The exhibition (07.01.2017 - 17.01.2017) of Flowing Light and Color held in National Art Museum of China this time is the first comprehensive painting art exhibition of Naranjo in China. (Text: NAMOC)