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Mucha, Alfons Maria - National Art Center Tokyo

Alfons Maria Mucha 
was a prolific artist of the late 19th and early 20th centuries and a key figure in the Art Nouveau movement. His unique style influenced an entire generation of painters, graphic artists, and designers.

>> Alfons Maria Mucha 1860 Ivančice † 1938 Prag

was catapulted into artistic stardom following the release of his unique promotional poster design for famed French actress Sarah Bernhardt’s lead role in Gismonda in 1894. The incredible success of that innovative poster transformed Mucha into an artistic icon overnight. Part of Mucha’s appeal was his adaptability across artistic mediums. He produced a flurry of paintings, posters, advertisements and book illustrations, as well as designs for jewelry, carpets, wallpaper, and theatre sets in what was termed initially “The Mucha Style”, but became known as Art Nouveau.
Mucha was a strong patriot of his Czech homeland which motivated him in the creation of his monumental series to which it would be hard to find a parallel elsewhere in the world. Mucha moved to Bohemia in 1910 where he began, The Slav Epic - a series of 20 large-format canvases (the largest measuring over 6 by 8 meters) depicting the history of the Slav people and civilization. Mucha conceived it as a monument for all the Slavonic peoples and he devoted the latter half of his career to the realization of this project. (08.03.2017 - 05.06.2017) (Text: The National Art Center Tokyo)