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Sultan, Donald - SAAM Washington

The Disaster Paintings 
In the early 1980s, painter, sculptor and printmaker 

began working on industrial landscapes and explored the subject for nearly a decade. "Donald Sultan: The Disaster Paintings" is the first exhibition to focus on the series, and it is the first time a significant number of these paintings are being exhibited together. Although created in the 1980s, the social and cultural anxieties about the fragility of systems and structures that Sultan's "Disaster Paintings" convey address issues that are still relevant, making this a timely moment to reexamine this body of work.
"The Smithsonian American Art Museum is pleased to present this important exhibition of paintings by Donald Sultan (26.05.2017 - 04.09.2017), an artist whose work both speaks to a particular moment in the history of American modernism and transcends the moment to confront issues that resonate with audiences today," said Stephanie Stebich, The Margaret and Terry Stent Director at the Smithsonian American Art Museum. (Text: SAAM)