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Childrens world - National Art Gallery Albania

The National Art Gallery has the pleasure to present to its public the exhibition "Children's World in GKA". (23.06.2017 - 30.07.2017). This exhibition is dedicated not only to the grown-ups appreciative of art but to a special audience, one of the little artists.
This exhibition will present selected works by such artists as Abdurrahim Buza, Agim Faja, Guri Bulollari and Ledia Kostandini, extraordinary authors, with such fantasy in their work, capable to communicate with adults and toddlers at the same time. Curated by Esmeralda Dalipi and Bujana Demiraj, this exhibition brings to the public an illustrated "diary" in various techniques, made over the years by authors of different specifics.
It is by placing Abdurrahim Buza, the most important realist painter of the twentieth century, opposite to Guri Bulollari, an autodidact painter who is not influenced by any academic education, what makes this exhibition unique of its kind.
It is the presentation of Agim Faja’s work, an illustrator and creator of literary texts for nearly 50 years in Albania, with over 100 illustrated books for children and adults, alongside Ledia Konstandini, an artist from the new generation who illustrates using the up to date digital manual medium, what makes this exhibition a font of curiosity for any age. (Text: National Gallery of Art Albania)