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Xhafa, Xhevdet - National Gallery of Art of Albania

The National Gallery of Arts of Albania and the National Gallery of Kosovo has the pleasure to invite you to attend the opening of the personal exhibition of Xhevdet Xhafa, “Autobiography”. The exhibition (14.09.2017 - 14.10.2017) is part of the joint cultural calendar of respective Ministries of Kosovo and Albania.
Xhevdet Xhafa took part in many international exhibitions where he was always well received and his work was highly praised. These included:group exhibition in Rockefeller Gallery in New York where Contemporary Art critics thought that Xhafa’s work was outstanding. The Contemporary Art Exhibition.Sydney,Australia where more than 100 paintings, sculptures, and photography- by several renowned artists were presented. Oskland Strary a French critic wrote: “The Yugoslav Art does not represent a world power in artistic aspect; however there are a few artists whose importance goes beyond its borders: Sutel, Xhafa, Rotar and Abramovic”. An exhibition in the Gallery of Contemporary Art –Rome, hosted the work of 60 renowned artists. Art Critics again praised Xhafa’s work among 11 other artists. “The alternative of our contemporary Art”was an exhibition in Vienna, Austria where Xhevdet Xhafa and J. Bujić were considered to be “the true representatives of our individuality in the field of contemporary art”. (Text: National Gallery of Art of Albania)