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Tian, Jin - NAMOC Beijing

Floating Clouds
Artist Jin Tian is the golden age of creation. Having gone through the exploration of academic painting, realistic painting, impressionism paintin, post impressionism paintin, and modern painting, he has combined modernism with Chinese style, integrated design aesthetics and musical rhythm into oil painting, with mature personal style. Growing up in a family of generations of painters, Jin Tian has received a full range of artistic influence from childhood. He is more diligent in reflection and exploration than common artists. He has a profound insight into the writing and spread of art history. As a result of accumulation of rare artistic accomplishments over the years, he has gone beyond the level of craftsman. He would abstract and integrate space, to create works that are seemingly light and concise, and yet the lines, colors and shapes are precisely arranged without a trace. This is exactly crystallization of thoughtful exploration of an independent artist over the years. Mr. Jin Tian is one of the first members of Chinese Oil Painting Society since its establishment. He calls himself “an artist who grows up with the development of Chinese Oil Painting Society.” This exhibition 19-10-2017 - 29.10.2017) shows his creative achievements in recent years. His future is even more promising. (Text: NAMOC).