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Hyroglyphs - National Gallery of Denmark

Symbolist Drawings 1890-1910
In this exhibition (19.04.2018 - 12.08.2018) we delve beneath the surface to explore inner realities. Discover works from a time when symbolism flourished in art and artists focused on matters of spirit, soul and form.
Directing their attention to the soul and humanity’s inner lives, artists such as J.F. Willumsen, Johannes Holbek and Jens Lund developed a new visual idiom in art as the nineteenth century drew to a close. This spring’s special exhibition homes in on the Symbolist movement, exploring the great significance of drawing in Danish art during this period.
Explore works from an era of Danish art where symbolism flourished and artists delved into matters of spirit, soul and form in their work. Witness dreams and visions taking shape as gnarly trees, serpentine flowers, closely entwined figures and pregnant women. (Text: National Gallery of Denmark)