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Warhol, Andy - Tate Liverpool

Transmitting Andy Warhol

Discover the man who changed the modern art world. Transmitting Andy Warhol brings together over 100 artworks from one of the most influential, controversial and notorious artists of the twentieth century.
The first solo exhibition (07.11.2014 - 08.02.2015) of 

work in the North of England,Transmitting Andy Warhol showcases how Warhol’s practice spanned every medium, embracing the limitless channels of publishing, film, music, and broadcasting, transforming the way we consume culture today. Warhol’s endlessly diverse practice made waves in the world of art, fashion, media and celebrity. An exhibition highlight will be Warhol’s iconic Marilyn Diptych – Warhol’s tribute to Monroe after her untimely death - which has been named the third most influential work of modern artand remains one of the most enduring images of all time.
Warhol was more than just the master of Pop Art he was a cultural icon. The original social networker, his celebrity status is as controversial as the work that he created and he arguably heralded the consumer led, celebrity driven world that we live in now. Warhol was an obsessive documented, recording his daily life though diaries, tape recordings and photography, decades before the explosion of social media. From television commercials, to films, prints and the entire print run of his trailblazing celebrity magazine InterviewTransmitting Andy Warhol shows how Warhol combined the processes of making, marketing, publicity and distribution within a single artwork.
During a brief retirement from painting, Warhol’s interests expanded into the realm of performance and music. Alongside his Brillo boxes, soup cans and celebrity portraits will be a spectacular presentation of the travelling multi-media spectacle The Exploding Plastic Inevitable (EPI), Warhol’s famed ‘total art’ environments. Used as a framework for a series of performances by the Velvet Underground and Nico, EPI will bring the atmosphere of 1970s New York to the Liverpool Waterfront.

By tracing Warhol’s expansion of the channels of communication in the context of mass information culture, the exhibition provides new insights into the expansive range of Warhol’s work. (Text: Tate Liverpool)