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Devine Creatures - Musei Vaticani

After being presented at the Museum of the Opera of the Duomo of Florence, the exhibition Divine Creatures will now be at the Vatican Museums, from 23 01.2018 -  03 03.2018. The exhibition, curated by Micol Forti, director of the Contemporary Art Collection of the Pope’s Museums, originates from a project created by Adamo Antonacci (Stranemani International) and was realized together with Silvia Garutti. This original exhibition initiative, with strong symbolic value, offers to the public ten photographic works by Leonardo Baldini, recreating the same number of masterpieces of religious art with the involvement of various special “actors”: men, women, young people and children, with disabilities.
The revisited works range from the Renaissance to the beginning of the twentieth century, and create an iconographic journey through the main episodes in the life of Jesus.
As well as the photographs and reproductions of the original works, some objects of from the scenery and backstage shots will be on display, to show the complexity of the work of the models and the many professionals involved. (Text: Musei Vaticani)